Tour Packages

Kite, Snorkel & Explore                        Book Now!

Start your 7 day vacation by being picked up at the airport and taken to your beach front hotel. Relax by the pool or enjoy a nice dinner and decide what you would like to do the next day. If the wind is favorable take your 2 hour intermediate kite lesson right out front your hotel or if you are just discovering kite surfing upgrade to our beginner package, a 3 day 9 hour course. (kite equipment included on beginner package only)


During your week long stay partake in 2 day trips at your leisure. One will have you exploring ancient Mayan ruins along the Puuc route where you can touch and examine how the people lived. On your other day tour a certified guide will take you to one of the thousands cenotes in the Chicxulub crater region. You can see how these sacred places are the most important water source in the Yucatan. Packages are flexable and at your own pace. $1299 /Adult ** $850 /child                  Contact us for more info.

Kite, Snorkel, Rappel & Spelunk           Book Now!

Many of the some 6000 thousand cenotes in the area are cavernous. Commonly thought of as entrances to the Mayan underworld and are very sacred cermonial places. A certified guide will provide you will all the equipment necessary to rappel, snorkel and spelunk. Your 7 day vacation is complete with airport pick up & drop off, hotel stay, a 2 hour intermediate kite lesson and 2 day tours. (kite equipment not included)

       All equipment, instruction and guides are included for snorkelling, rappeling and spelunking. Packages are flexable and at your own pace. $1349 /Adult ** $899 /child Contact us for more info.

Kite & Culture                                      Book Now!

Take part in the Mayan way of life. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel on the morning you choose to and take you to a cenote where you will learn to weave traditional Jipi-Japa hat. Woman use the caves to work because the cool moist air keeps the palm fibers from becoming brittal and they are able to weave them tighter making better quality hats. After a nice swim you will be invited into a Mayan home to make  tortillas, learn other recipes and customs.


See a working hacienda and how henequen fiber is processed from the natural agave stalk to the finished product of rope and twine. At one time 90% of the worlds supply came from these hacienda giving it the name “green gold”. Spend the rest of your vacation relaxing at your all inclusive beach front hotel complete with great kite beach! This 7 day tour is complete with airport pick up & drop off, accommodation, 2 hour intermediate kite lesson and 2 day excursions. (kite equipment not included) Packages are designed to suit your style. $1299 / Adult ** $899 / child   Contact us for more info.